Saturday, December 22, 2012

If You Can Say It...

A quick note before this:

This is me for the next 7 days!!
I wanted to share an easy activity I've had A LOT of
success with this school year...
"If you can say it, you can write it!"
I heard our amazing Spanish teacher say this to her class & it has caught on. Earlier in the fall, I started a file of images that feature the phonics sounds and spellings we learn in K-2nd grade. These pictures are bright & colorful and there are SO many opportunities to include environmental print(!!).
I use them for sorting, vocabulary, & dictation.
We just wrapped up r-controlled vowels & used these for review:
We sorted the pictures (i.e.: /ar/ vs. /or/) and used the easier spellings for dictation ("corn," "Scar," "bird"). My students LOVE these & feel so proud of themselves when they can spell their fave characters' names :)  I wish I could post these pics for download, but since I don't work for Disney... a quick search on Google Images will bring them up!
We will be tackling /ng/ and /nk/ when we return from break.
Here are the cards I will be using:
think, bank, sink, wink, pink, skunk
ring, sing, gong, king, swing, hang
Do children even know what a gong is??
I hope you find the cards useful
click here to download your own set!
I will also be using my Skunk! Word Endings packet to reinforce /nk/. I just updated it for this year's learners:
I hope you have a happy & healthy holiday!

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